Brife Introduction

(also called CNC letbending machine) is a new advertising production equipment, which can be used for logos, signs, neon signs, billboards, light boxes production, outdoor advertising and other advertising production.

Applied Material of Metal Bending Machine

Aluminum strip ,  Aluminum. Aluminum Roll


1) Friendly man-machine interface, simple configuration, touch-screen operation. Just enter the processing of text,graphic design files,and then the channel bender machine can process them on materials automatically.
2) A unique three-dimensional process simulation technology, two-dimensional design file to be able to display three-dimensional effects, supplemented by translation, rotation, zoom and other functions, enables full observation and monitoring of whole working process.
3) The original double-bent knife parallel bending technology of the metal bender machine to save time and greatly improve the processing efficiency.The maximum bending angle reached 130 °
4) High precision machining, metal bender machine’s feeding precision can reach 0.01mm, bending accuracy up to 0.4 °
5) With precision automatic calibration function, based on the way of the processing material, self-adjusting process parameters,metal bender machine can match with a variety of engraving machines and cutting machine, and meet a variety of complex embedded process accuracy as much as possible.
Working Principle of CNC letter bending machine
Bending way: control by motor, nearly no noise;
Notching way:control by motor, nearly no noise;
Feeding way:control by motor, nearly no noise;

Control system: LCD screen, no need to contact PC

Technical Data

Model HRC-BE-100 CNC letter bending machine
Notching Method Single Side Notching
Type PC Control Type For All SS, MS, Al materials
Bending Material Can bend all kinds of Stainless Steel,

Carbon Steel, Galvanize Plate, Aluminum, etc…..

Processed thickness Aluminum: 0.5 – 1.5 mm

Stainless steel: 0.5 -1.0 mm

Carbon Steel: 0.5 – 1.0 mm

Galvanize Plate: 0.5-1.0 mm

Max. processed width <180 mm
Voltage 220V
Size 1740*760*1450 mm
Weight 300KG
File format PLT
Feed speed 5~20 m/ min
Precision 0.05 mm
Remark PC system and Computer Screen is not included in Price.

User can use any computer to run our machine