The series of laser industrial cleaning machine of HRC Laser has been widely publicized on the market. Based on users’ feedback and the market research, our company now offers the new laser rust remover – HRC-Y100 to meet the needs of more people on laser cleaning equipment.

The new laser rust remover handheld is small and portable, the cleaning process is very simple and rapid, the compact and push-able design can meet your needs for laser cleaning anywhere; and you can adjust the scanning from 1mm to 150mm according to your demands of cleaning different surface area.

Product Features

1,The new laser rust remover handheld is a small and portable machine ,equipped with wheels,makes it convenience to move
2,Wide range of material applicability, the industrial laser rust removal machine is flexible and efficient application to a variety of industrial processing scenarios;
3,Hand-held laser cleaning head of the industrial laser rust removal machine is easy to use, lightweight can be used for long hours;Low requirements for working
4,environment for the laser industrial cleaning machine, it is safe and stable maintenance-free;,5,No material consumption, long service life;
5,You can select precise location, and precision size to clean.


This new laser rust remover handheld has a good cleaning effect on iron, carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, die steel gear, aluminum plate, no putty paint and other materials can be used to clean the oxide layer, the surface paint stripping paint; surface cleaning oil, stains, Dirt; remove the surface coating, coating; stone surface to remove dust and attachments; rubber mold residue clean. The industrial laser rust removal machine can meet the requirements of equipment cleaning in the shipbuilding industry, auto parts, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, tire molds, rails, environmental protection industry and other fields.

Technical Data

ModelHRC-Y100 Laser Industrial Cleaning Machine
Laser power100W
Laser wavelength1064nm
Cooling methodAir cooling
Cabinet dimension935*497*925
Total Weight60KGS
Scan width1-150mm
Working environment temperature5-40℃
Storage environment temperature-10-60℃
Work environment humidity10%~96%
Length of fiber3 meters (customizable)
Power Supply220V
Laser grade4
Control systemAutonomous research and development control system