The laser marking machine is a mechatronics device integrating laser, optics, mechanics, electronics and computer technology. It uses a high energy density laser beam to create a permanent mark on the surface of the object. It has replaced traditional marking methods in many fields and has become a conventional processing method and even formed new industrial standards. At present, online laser marking has great market prospects, and the laser marking industry at home and abroad is very competitive in this field. At present, the domestic laser marking industry in the field of low- and medium-speed laser marking is comparable to the foreign industry, and the high-speed laser marking field with a speed higher than 250 words/s has been monopolized by foreign countries. The arrayed online laser marking used abroad The marking speed of the machine can be up to 2000 words/second, which can meet the marking requirements of the production line with a speed of 7m/s or more. In order to break the monopoly of the high-speed laser online marking machine market, we started to develop our own array with independent intellectual property rights under the support of the “High-speed Online CO_2 Laser Marking Machine” project of the outstanding talent innovation project of colleges and universities in Henan Province. Online laser marking machine. In this paper, the development process of the array online laser marking system is discussed comprehensively. The overall design of the marking machine system and the specific implementation of the character acquisition module and output module are introduced. The main contents are as follows: 1. Analyzed the laser processing industry at home and abroad, especially the laser marking machine and its market status, development trend and market prospects.

2. The overall design of the array laser marking machine system.

(1) Design of control system

(2) Design of integrated optical path transmission coupling system 3. Software for extracting dot matrix information of characters from vector font library for the characteristics of dot matrix information marking of array laser marking machine system. The extraction of dot matrix information of different fonts and font size characters is realized. 4. Solved the precise timing problem of microseconds under WINDOWS, and realized the precise modulation of the laser array by software through the microcomputer. The arrayed online laser marking machine ensures stable high-frequency laser pulses.