HRC Laser is the world’s leading manufacturer of small character inkjet printers. This model HRC-100A small character inkjet printer is a single-chip controlled discontinuity marking system.
It works by applying pressure to the ink in the system by controlling the internal gear pump or supplying compressed gas from outside the machine, ejecting ink through dozens of UM nozzles. Electric ink droplets are deflected in the deflection electric field formed by the deflection electrodes, ejected from the nozzles, and printed at different positions on the surface of the product to form various desired characters, patterns, and other marks.
The small character inkjet printer can also be called life-span ink jet printer, industrial inkjet printer machine, ink-jet printer label, inkjet industrial printer, industrial label printer, barcode label printer and so on.

Product Features

1.The small character inkjet printer print character size can be adjusted: the font width, height, appropriate range are all can be adjusted and you can also bold any font.
2. High degree of automation: automatic change of date, batch, and serial number to achieve unmanned printing process.
3.Industrial inkjet printer can permanently print the information you need on the surface of different shapes (including plane and curved surface), such as instructions, trademarks, batch numbers, and date of manufacture.
4. The material quality of the fuselage is excellent, for example, the power supply is provided by the most famous Chinese aviation, the pump is imported from Germany, the electronic chip is supplied by Phillips, and the pipeline is also imported from Switzerland.
5. Using a simple and clear operation interface, the operation is more convenient, and personnel training costs can be reduced.


The industrial inkjet printer is widely used.
1. Printing of batch numbers and dates of various kinds of printed matters: such as trademarks, labels, IC cards, membership cards, tickets, certificates, etc.
2. Electronic and electrical: Such as various electronic components and various electronic products, semi-finished products such as batteries, LCD liquid crystals, PCB boards, radiators, inoculation connectors, cable surface and so on.
3. Food industry: packaging of various canned foods, condiments, edible oils, various biscuits and boxed foods.

Technical Dat

Machine Type Industrial Inkjet Printer
Model Number HRC-100 A HRC-200A HRC-300A
Print Lines 1-4 Lines 1-5 Lines 1-6 Lines
Advantage Colorful LCD Touching Screen Colorful LCD Touching Screen Colorful LCD Touching Screen
Print Height 1-15mm (Adjustable)
Print Distance 0-4cm
Print Speed 4.5m/s(5×7pixel)
Interface In Chinese & English, With Editing Function
Store Information 40 pcs of Jet Printing Information
Jet Ink Available Black, blue, Red and Other Color Ink
Font Widened 1~9 Times
Print Content Numbers, Chinese Character, Letter, Logo, Serial Numbers, Random Numbers etc. With in 32×2560pixel.
Fixed Length Print Function Any Unit, Any Length.