The dot pin marking machines is suitable for marking the surface of non-metallic materials such as plastic materials and metal materials such as iron and steel, and is mainly used in the production fields of automobiles, aerospace, motorcycles, and electrical appliances industries.

Technical Data

Working Area 150mm×100mm, 200mm×100mm
Marking Depth 0.01~2mm
Marking Speed ≤50mm/second (for characters height of 3mm or 3-4 numbers /second)
Lifting Range 0-300 mm
Rotation range 0-100mm, 0-200mm
Repeated Accuracy 0.01 mm
Pin Hardness HRC 92
Power Supply 220V±10%, 50Hz
Air Pressure 0.2-0.6 Mpa
Machine Power ≤400 W
Working Environment -5~40 ℃
Weight 200 Kgs
Dimensions (L×W×H) Controlling Cabinet 1200×580×560(mm)
Pin Head 920×420×1300(mm)