Laser cut invatation cards, birthday cards and paper

Laser cutting is an easy process that can be used for paper, paperboard, and cardboard for digital printing, packaging, prototype construction, model making, or scrapbooking. There is no limit to the designs you can make with paper! You can design a word, letter, logos, photographs, ornaments – the possibilities are endless!
Paper types suitable for laser engraving:

  • Paper (fine or art paper, uncoated paper) up to 600 grams
  • Paper board
  • Card board
  • Hard board

What is the max thickness of paper that I can cut with Morn laser?
The max cutting thickness depends on the laser tube. If you want to cut 4mm, 50W laser power is ok for you. 5mm is sutable by using 60W power.
How does laser cutting and laser engraving of paper work?
Laser are fast by realizing th geometries with maximum precision and quality. As we know, another machine cutting plotter cannot finish these requiremnents. Laser paper cutting machines can not only allow for cutting even the most delicate paper, but also engravign logos ictures can be implemented effortlessly.
Does the paper burn during laser cutting?
Do nto be worried about that problems. Paper is evaporated suddenly, which is called sublimation. It is with similar chemical composition with wood. In cutting clearace, the paper release gas by smoke at a high rate. Smoke tansports the heat away from the paper. The cutting clearancen is with low thermal load. So paper can not be burnt.
Do I have to fixate the material on the working surface?
No, not manually. To achieve optimal cutting performance, we recommend you choose honey comb table to cut paper. The laser does not exert any pressure on material dring process. Rotary axis or any other clamp is not need to add when when cutting paper, which saves time and money during preparation of the material. Thanks to these benifits, laser is the perfect cutting machine for paper and cardbord.