Manufacturer Online Co2 Flying Laser Marking Machine

Manufacturer Online Co2 Flying Laser Marking Machine

Applicable Material

All metal , some non-metal material marking such as nylon, ABS, PVC, PES


* Flying fiber laser marking machine is a special type of equipment, small size, applied to the production line.

* According to customer’s different needs matching fiber, CO2, UV and other models and automatic assembly line work bench to meet customer requirements of flight standards system, to achieve assembly line operations to improve production efficiency.

* Compared with the traditional ink printing, has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient without supplies, non-toxic, no pollution etc..

CO2 Laser Marking Machine Specification Chart
Laser power
Optical Quality (M2)
Laser wavelength
Marking area
110X110MM (accept customize)
Marking speed
Positioning accuracy
Laser frequency
Minimum character
letter 1x1mm
Cooling methods
Air cooling
Power supply
Format supported
Gross power
Working temperature
0-40 degree

Why choose CO2 online laser marking machine?

Permanent marking: Laser marking is a permanent marking. It won’t fade or become less discernable as time passes, even in the water.

Long service time: CO2 laser model 30000 hours working life. And can refill the gas when use out.
Powerful function: Machine can mark text, date, QR code, barcodes, serial numbers, graphics. Meet different industry marking demands.
High efficiency: Computer operated, touch screen computer. Suitable for automatically processing (like production line). 3
If you have any demands, kindly provide us marking contents, we will recommend right laser power.
Environmentally friendly: Using no harsh chemicals during the process.
co2 Laser Marking Machine
Inkjet Machine
Print color
Green PVC marking yellow, White PVC mark black, and many more colors depends on products
Can inkjet one color only
Consumable parts
Laser source 30000 hours service time
Filter need to be replaced regularly
Consumable costs
Can refill gas
Expensive (Ink and solvents)
Heavy(Ink line must be clean frequently)
Environmental impact
Ink and solvents emit a taste that’s not good for workers.
Printing effect
Beautiful, permanent, never fade, even in the water
Non-permanent, easy to erase.
Summary: Laser marking machine has lower usage cost, forever marking, and environmental friendly

Engrave Sample



1. Are you factory?
Yes, we are factory in Wuhan City. This flying laser marking machine, we open dies ourselves, from design, color to packing, every aspect are planed carefully to meet domestic and aboard customers using, also save transportation cost. This project we cost usd160000 total. Machine has enough stock, can deliver in time. Welcome your visit and cooperation.
2. Machine is easy to operate?
Yes, it is. Provide English installation guide videos and user manual. Fast to install and learn.
3. Machine support 110V, USA plug?
Yes, support. Also support UK plug, Europe plug, South Africa plug, etc.
4. Can you help test samples?
Yes, we can. If we have same material, will test sample timely. Also, you can send to us your own material to test.


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