May 2018

Development of Array Online Laser Marking Machine

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The laser marking machine is a mechatronics device integrating laser, optics, mechanics, electronics and computer technology. It uses a high energy density laser beam to create a permanent mark on the surface of the object. It has replaced traditional marking methods in many fields and has become a conventional processing method and even formed new [...]

6 Tips for How to choose a laser cutting machine?

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In recent years, laser cutting technology has been widely used in metal cutting and non-metal cutting in the processing industry of sheet metal and handicrafts. The technology of laser cutting machine is quite mature in the cutting industry. Very large market share, but there are still many users who have various problems about how to [...]

Development and image processing of the transmission platform of the transmission fiber laser engraving machine

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In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and intelligent technology, the application of laser engraving technology in various fields of optics, mechanics and computers has received more and more attention in various industries. It uses a high-energy-density laser beam to illuminate the surface of the object being processed to create a desired [...]

April 2018

How to cook salnon

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Laser-driven microbubble implosion is new way to create a tabletop particle accelerator

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A schematic view shows a microbubble implosion, depicting the laser illumination, hot electron spread, implosion, and proton flash. (Credit: M. Murakami) Scientists at Osaka University (Osaka, Japan) have discovered a novel particle acceleration mechanism called microbubble implosion, in which extremely high-energy hydrogen ions (in other words, protons traveling at relativistic speeds) are emitted at the [...]